Rental Charge


Ski set(Skis,Boots,Poles)
Snowboard set(Snowboards,Boots)
1 day3000yen2000yen
2 days5000yen3500yen
3rd day and subsequent days2000yen1500yen
Ski set + Wear(Skis,Boots,Poles,Wear)
Snowboard set + Wear(Snowboards,Boots,Wear)
1 day5000yen3500yen
2 days8000yen5500yen
3rd day and subsequent days2500yen2000yen
Snow Wear1 day2500yen2000yen
2 days4500yen3000yen
3rd day and subsequent days1500yen1000yen
Skis or Snowboards1 day2500yen1500yen
2 days4500yen2500yen
3rd day and subsequent days1500yen1000yen
Ski Boots or Snowboard Boots1 day2000yen1000yen
2 days3500yen1500yen
3rd day and subsequent days1000yen500yen
Glove or Goggle1 day500yen300yen
2 days800yen500yen
3rd day and subsequent days200yen100yen
Knit Cap or Ski Pole1 day300yen200yen
2 days500yen300yen
3rd day and subsequent days200yen100yen
Helmet1 day500yen500yen
2 days800yen800yen
3rd day and subsequent days200yen200yen
High GradeDaysAdult+Wear
Expert Ski or Fat Ski Set(Skis,Boots,Poles)
Snowbords at your choice set(Snowboards,Boots)
1 day4000yen6000yen
2 days7000yen9500yen
3rd day and subsequent days2500yen3000yen
Expert Ski or Fat Ski Set(Skiboards)
Snowbords at your choice set(Snowboards)
1 day3500yen
2 days6000yen
3rd day and subsequent days2000yen
  • Pleas let us copy your ID card, insurance card or driver’s license before you use our gears.
  • Children’s fee applies to elementary-age or younger children.
  • Rented gears must be returned by 5:30 p.m.
  • A board change costs 500 yen.
  • Barton rental snowboards cost an additional 300 yen per day and 500 yen per 2days.
  • You can separately rent small gears at an extra cost of 200 yen per gear.

Gear size

Ski137cm ~ 178cm
Ski boots23cm ~ 32.5cm
Board130cm ~ 165cm
Board boots22.5cm ~ 33cm
WearXS ~ 4L
Ski70cm ~ 150cm
Ski boots15.5cm ~ 25.5cm
Board70cm ~ 134cm
Board boots18.5cm ~ 25cm
Wear84cm ~ 155cm

BURTON Snow Board set

Snowboard set(Snowboards + Boots)1 day3500yen
2 days6000yen
3rd day and subsequent days2500yen
Snowboard set + Wear(Snowboards + Boots + Wear)1 day5500yen
2 days9000yen
3rd day and subsequent days3000yen
  • The Burton set is low in stock. So if it is out of stock, it will be changed to the standard set.